Hi! Thanks for visiting our website! This is Jim and Susan Arnold. Jim is from Portland, Oregon and Susan is from Auckland, New Zealand. We have two beautiful youngsters, Claire and Ryan, who are currently  in the 5th grade and the 6th grade. They seem to have a way of keeping us out of trouble as they keep us very busy. We have recently started a business, which we love.

Jim and Susan

So, Why Did We Do Oils And Weight Loss?

Well it’s a bit of a story, so here goes… My wife and I were waiting at the school bus stop when one of the other parents said that she was doing a business that involved natural essential oils. My wife wanted to try some of these oils out and I said Ok but did not care about them. After seeing how they worked on our kids and that we were purchasing a few more oils, we decided to be customers. She said why not sign up as consultants and we did so even though we had no intention of doing this as a business. I even told her that I was going to and am doing and unrelated business. Time went by and I started taking them myself. I found that my sleep problems disappeared and then I took another product that helped keep me energized during the day. Everyone was benefiting from different products but believe it or not I was still not sold. So what changed? Well I have had hay fever all my life and nothing had stopped it. My eyes would swell up and I had to sit and wait until my hay fever spell would dissipate and my eyes would slowly get better. My wife said try a oil blend as it’s supposed to stop hay fever.

I tried it and my attack stopped right away.

Still I felt that must have been just luck but I had another attack a couple of days later and again I used the product and it stopped right away. I was impressed and decided to check out the company,etc. What did I find? Well the products are pure (the best you can get), the company is rock solid financially, the up-line made all kinds of money, they had many different products for many different problems, everyone gave them a thumbs up on the products, they had excellent support and training, and the product is natural. As I say now “an oil a day keeps the doctor away” and I don’t need the medical drugs I use to use. I am in much better health. I am a firm believer in the company and the product. My only question to you is “why are you not doing this now?” When not doing the business, we enjoy world travel, helping others, photography, tennis, fishing, gardening, and many other things. I look forward to helping you with any questions you may have.


Jim and Susan Arnold

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